Try a service locally

1. Get Docker

The first step is having Docker installed. To have an up-to-date installation please follow the official Docker installation guide.

2. Search for a model in the marketplace

The next step is to look for a service in the DEEP Open Catalog marketplace you want to try locally.

3. Get the model

You will find that each model has an associate Docker container in DockerHub. For eaxample DEEP OC Image Classification is associated with deephdc/deep-oc-image-classification-tf, DEEP OC Massive Online Data Streams is associated with deephdc/deep-oc-mods, etc.

Let call the service you selected deep-oc-service_of_interest. Please, download the container with:

$ docker pull deephdc/deep-oc-service_of_interest

4. Run the model

Run the container with:

$ docker run -ti -p 5000:5000 deephdc/deep-oc-service_of_interest

5. Go to the API, get the results

Once running, point your browser to and you will see the API documentation, where you can test the service functionality, as well as perform other actions.


The concrete results can vary from service to service. For example the plant classifier return a list of plant species along with the predicted probabilities.